Our mission at HillTree Marketing is to promote, enhance, and enrich our clients' business through maximizing customer awareness and overall experience for the business owners.  Our formula of quality, timeliness, and communication (QTC) is our recipe for success. We connect business leads and open digital gateways for clients and their potential customers.


As a small business on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, we understand how important time, cost, communication and quality of work is. To create a functional and efficient website for a business, we gather as much information as possible to display the world to your brand and services, create a plan for your website’s needs and style, develop the clients website in a timely manner and provide feedback of your website’s performance.



What is your business all about? The first step for us is to learn as much as we can about your business, so we can break down information that is critical to generate leads and sustain customer loyalty.

Create a plan

Once we gather the information from the extensive research of your business, we create a plan around your branding, mission, goals, vision, content and web page count. Now for the fun part!


Developing a website is a like a blank canvas just ready to be covered in colors, custom style, unique fonts and pictures. We implement strong search engine optimization (SEO) tools in every website.


After all the initial work of researching, planning and developing, we use Square Space and Google Analytics to provide feedback that will help us improve the performance of your website.


HillTree Marketing, LLC was founded in 2016 in D’Iberville, Mississippi. Jesse Hill, founder of HillTree Marketing, LLC, decided to leave the corporate world and start a business that could help other small businesses on the Mississippi Gulf Coast reach clients and customers on a digital platform at an affordable coast. Hill realized that most businesses outsourced for this type of service to companies outside of Mississippi at astronomical costs. Starting by creating logos for some well-known businesses in D’Iberville such as Broadwater Dental and Coast Commerce Networking, HillTree Marketing has flourished into a one stop shop for digital marketing.

Today, we manage over twenty-five business websites on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and manage over twenty social media pages.




The Mississippi Gulf Coast's Premier Website Developer 

All of our websites are desktop, tablet, and mobile friendly.  We create all of our websites using the Square Space platform for a sleek and modern feel. By clicking one of the computer screens below, you can travel to our clients’ websites and navigate to see what style may fit your business.


About Us


Jesse Hill

Co-Founder & Developer

Jesse Hill is a twenty-eight year old entrepreneur and graduate for the University of Southern Mississippi with a B.A. in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing. Hill was born and raised in the beautiful city of Ocean Springs. Jesse started creating logos as a fun hobby for friends and businesses. Realizing the demand for such an art, Hill took the next step by creating websites and writing content. Now, HillTree Marketing, LLC is a small business which focuses on the needs of other small businesses. From tire shops, law offices, dental practices, schools, churches and health, Jesse believes diversity in his portfolio is the key to longterm success.


Stephanie Hill

Co-Founder & Editor

Stephanie Hill is a twenty-nine year old teacher and graduate of William Carey College with a Master in Dyslexia Therapy and a graduate from Mississippi State University with a B.S. in Elementary Education. She currently works at the 3-D school in Ocean Springs as well as an editor for HillTree Marketing, LLC. Stephanie is an expert at spelling and grammar which is a must for content writing and editing. Her attention to detail is second to none . If you’re worried about not enough content for your website, don’t worry. We have you covered.



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Why is Branding so Important?

Introducing your business to customers

When you open shop on whatever your passion leads you to, you have to present an image or base of what you business is all about. Back in the day, people would either open a store or knock on doors for customers to hear and see what product or service they’re selling. Today, people Google, Bing or Yelp a service or location, and the first part of your business they see is the logo. Your logo says a lot about what your business does and how it reflects with your competition. At HillTree Marketing, we use research and creativity in branding that best fits what you are trying to portray to your potential customers.



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