Social Media Management

In the past 10 years, social media has taken the world by surprise by being the best way to connect your business to potential and loyal customers. Having a strong social media marketing plan is imperative to compete in your market.  Knowing the role social media plays, HillTree Marketing can bring your company into the media relevant world.


Where to start

According to Statisa, over 76% of the United States uses social media daily.  With the rapid emergence of social media, it can be a headache to stay up to date.  

At HillTree Marketing, we can create social media pages from scratch and post on your behalf using the best graphics, images, and videos.   


U.S. Population Average of social media users 2008-2016

According to Statista

Our plan

Our Social Media Plan consists of 5 steps.  

  1. Create social media goals & objectives
  2. Choose social media accounts that fit your business or event
  3. Conduct weekly audits of progress 
  4. Test & Evaluate social accounts daily  
  5. Communicate with client about solutions and/or improvements

Pages We Manage

Below are social media pages that we manage at HillTree Marketing. Click the pictures to view their Facebook profile. Feel free to like their pages as well!