"It all started with a lighthouse."


It all started when founder of HillTree Marketing, Jesse Hill, created a logo for his brother-in-law, Dr. Clifford Cook D.M.D. Hill sat for the first time in Dr. Cook's office as they brainstormed on what to call his practice and how to present it. After a few hours, Jesse realized the history of Biloxi is very important to local citizens. 

So, being that the practice was near the old Broadwater Marina & lighthouse, Hill and Cook decided on Broadwater Dental.  Once they decided on the name, Hill started coming up with logos. "The logo is the heart of what your whole business image should be."  Hill states, "So, it all started with a lighthouse!"

After months of frustration and wasted money on failed graphic designs, HillTree Marketing nailed my logo on the first try. It is fantastic, easily recognizable, and has helped my branding efforts tremendously.
— Dr. Clifford J. Cook D.M.D., Broadwater Dental

Jesse Hill Founder of HillTree Marketing, LLC

Jesse Hill
Founder of HillTree Marketing, LLC


Our Mission & vision

Our mission at HillTree Marketing is to promote, enhance, and enrich our clients' business through maximizing customer awareness and overall experience for the business owners.  Our formula of quality, timeliness, and communication (QTC) is our recipe for success.  

Our vision is to enhance experience for businesses in a way that customers engage, remember, and commit to their product or services.